Vanavil Group

With its humble beginning in 1999, Vanavil Group of Companies has grown into a consortium of companies, making a difference in the lives of its clients. Its emerging footprint in various branches of the economy helps to meet the diverse needs of various segments of people.


The Vanavil Group of Companies has attained expertise in the supply and assembling of the powerful and reliable industrial cranes of DEMAG.  We offer our esteemed clients a comprehensive range of solutions for their material flow and logistics needs for almost two decades enabling them to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and performance.  Our Engineering and Interiors Division has been our game-changer in our Group of Companies for more than a decade and has kept the flag flying high. Our expertise extends to every discipline of interior infrastructure right from the civil works to furnishing; all services of industrial, commercial and domestic interiors under the same umbrella. We also supply and do fabrication of steel structures on a large scale, having substantial experience in large complex architectural steel structures with a skilled and experienced team in steel fabrication of structural steel projects. Vanavil has the expertise and the skill set to install cooling towers and run the technology effectively.  Our clients appreciate the suitability of cooling towers and are impressed with our knowledge of air-cooled solutions for their ease of operation, ease of setup among other benefits as we can provide efficient energy solutions, with a full range of standard or customized products as well as tailor-made professional solutions and services in a minimal amount of time. With a comprehensive range of pumping solutions suitable for any sector, we have undertaken an extensive range of projects for supplying & installing of pump systems. We have over 15 years’ experience in the design, supply, installation, professional maintenance and emergency repair of pumping systems from all, to meet your requirements and budget. Our services can be tailored for periodic maintenance and priority call out attendance as we have a fully equipped electrical workshop allowing us to make repairs in-house.

To provide responsive, safe, and trusted solutions to our clients with the highest -quality, most dependable, cost-effective projects and services in the different businesses!

Vanavil reflects our core values and the road we have taken up in pursuit of providing our clients with unmatched performance, unparalleled accountability, and the highest level of satisfaction in extending our different servicing to various industries.